Lenovo has published a couple of video ads for its MotoMods accessory backs for the Moto Z family of smartphones. Technically, it’s four videos – each ad gets a short and a long version (the long, 1-minute ones are featured here).

In the first one, a police chase is about to end with the suspect escaping, when the officer calls it quits on a building rooftop. And just when you thought it would be the power bank MotoMod that would somehow be involved in the resolution, the JBL SoundBoost comes to the rescue, because who doesn’t prefer to run after criminals to the tune of music.

In the next video it’s the dreaded zombie apocalypse that a couple is faced with. Apparently, zombies are fans of cats just like everyone on the internet, so it’s only a matter of projecting a cute cat video on the nearest wall to ward off an attack. That $300 InstaShare projector MotoMod doesn’t look as overpriced now, does it. (Yes, it still does.)


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