, Principle Program Manager  at Azure Blockchain Engineering, has just taken to the Microsoft Azure blog to announce the details of the release of Bletchley v1.

Project Bletchley is Microsoft’s implementation of blockchain technology on Azure, introducing secure “blocks” of transactions, each timestamped and secured. Blockchains originally came to the forefront with Bitcoin, but are now being used across a wide number of applications.


Overall, Marley points out that, “Bletchley v1 is the release of the first consortium blockchain template that allows customers and partners to spin up a private consortium Ethereum network from a handful of nodes to 100s of nodes in the network.” He also mentions that it reduces the process of setting up a globally distributed multi-node consortium Ethereum network, and how it sets up a portal for rapidly getting started developing applications on Ethereum.

For the complete and in-depth details on what’s new in the release of Bletchley v1 be sure to head over to this official Microsoft Webpage. Once you’ve checked it out, please  come back to WinBeta and drop us a comment to let us know your thoughts on the release!

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