We learn standard Japanese: Elementary v1.3.0
Requirements: 4.1 and up
Overview: Bentaoshu "license Foreign Languages ​​Education Teachers’ having,
Internet teaching content to get several million people clickthrough popular teacher – export-jen,
According to live, work, verification and other purposes, tailored courses,
Complete the necessary planning to learn Japanese "127 specific learning goals"!
Xiao Tengguo by the international (Mebook) production and distribution!


※ otherwise provided in this product export Jen teacher you learn standard Japanese [Elementary] instructional videos, direct purchase of this App, priced NT $ 270. Android version 4.4 or higher of the system can be set to download the video tutorials on the secondary storage memory (SD card).

[Elementary]: to lay the basic foundation necessary to learn Japanese language courses (42 "specific learning goals")
[Intermediate]: Japanese development capability will learn advanced course (44 "specific learning goals")
The [Advanced]: activation of application programs will learn the strength of Japanese (41 "specific learning goals")

All changes in Japanese, which are derived from "127 learning objectives," Japanese difficult problems to solve, can obtain satisfactory answer after inquiry, called [in this life must have the Japanese language grammar type queries Guide]!

● Products:

1. [Elementary]: "to lay the foundation of Japanese session and type the text" for the elementary level planning to have basic skills as the goal.
After reading this book, you will learn:
◎ "adverb, adjective い, na adjective" Usage
◎ "Passive Verbs, compare text, quantifiers, past form" usage
◎ 8 large particle "wa, の, と, ni, で, chemical composition, wo, ga" Basic Usage
2. Each lesson has a practical function, into "42 specific learning goals"!
Lesson 01 [self-introduction]: learning objectives as "the expression of identity" of "affirmative, negative sentences, interrogative"
Lesson [02] where something: learning objectives to "represent things, location" is "synonymous with instructions" ……
3. Each Japanese usage will explain why not just say, "This is idiomatic Japanese!"
Export particularly good teacher Jen explain abstract grammar text type to "be able to explain why" easy to understand teaching methods, in blogs, facebook, YouTube hundreds of thousands of people get enthusiastic response.

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4. The precise setting "learning objectives" to achieve "step by step, step by step lifting"!
Author "from simple to complex, from the basic to the extended" concept, arranging 42 specific learning goals. Priority appears, it must be the most basic, most common, and then fall into place more diverse usage.
5. A clear definition of "learning content" well aware "of their own strength to go!"
When the authors explain 42 specific learning goals, each a "must learn the main points," and "add points" to make a clear definition. They are: [pay attention! ] [Must be it! ] [Had any energy left to learn more! [More] ability enough to remember! ]

● Content Features

1. The word, text type, long and short dialogue, learning content-inclusive!
[2.] + [textbook grammar explanations. The exercises], complete learning a place!
3. Japanese professional announcer to record the most orthodox BiaoZhunYin [Tokyo]!
4. Canada in App purchase instructional videos [], export-jen teachers to teach this [primary: 42] specific learning goals wonderful explanation!

● Mebook Learning Features

1. Read Training: The Japanese show or hide mode, you can set the all-Japanese / Japanese control in the learning environment
2. The word Training: provide word memory and recite word quiz function, word thoroughly strengthen the force.
3. Directory coherent: in 12 classes, 42 learning goals, including grammar explanations and exercises this entry clear, rich in content.
4. Search: Enter keywords to find would like to learn about content.
5. Bookmarks: the important learning content marked with the bookmark for future review over and over again.
6. Note: The learning process, to do notes.
7. Font: according to adjust the font size requirements.

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● Contact Customer Service: If the products have any ideas or suggestions, or encounter problems on use, and we welcome (Mebook) Contact –
1. Customer Service: [email protected]
2. Customer Service Message Board: http: //www.mebook.com.tw/Android/SupportTC.asp
3. Customer Service Tel: Please call 02-77210772 turn 510 working hours
We will be happy to serve you.


Let’s Android 4.4 or higher version of the system, instructional videos can be downloaded to a secondary storage memory (SD card)

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