SambaDroid v2.1.2 [Pro]
Requirements: Android OS 2.3 +
Overview: SambaDroid is a native port for Android of the popular Samba for Linux.
This application allows you to share/manage files on your device easily from any PC of your network: once started just type [Win]+[R] in your computer, write SAMBADROID and enjoy!


q: Why my transfer speed decrease when I turn off the screen?
a: Enable the option ‘Lock Wifi’. If your device is running at least Android 2.3.x, you should get full speed transfer even when the screen is off, otherwise enable the option ‘Lock screen’ too.

q: I got the message « Can not find a valid WiFi interface », how can I solve it?
a: On some devices (Galaxy Note 2 in particular) the WiFi interface is not detected from the application, please set the option « Bind interfaces » to wlan0

q: How can I use this app if my device is connected with an ethernet cable?
a: Disable the require WiFi option and set as bind interface eth0

* Pro features unlocked

Device reboot may be required to successfully start service

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thank you!
not pro and full of ads
hardc0re wrote:not pro and full of ads


Been working great for me.

Any regular users can confirm?

No ads here


Hmmm. Interesting.

Thanks for the reply, amjadazzouqa :)