TomTom Android v1.4 + Australia 960.7056+SpeedCams
Requirements: 2.2 and up
Overview: TomTom Navigation for Android. World-class navigation that’s trusted by 65 million drivers. Now on your smartphone.


– This app is replaced by the new TomTom GO Mobile app. Buyers of the Navigation app can drive with the GO Mobile app for 3 years for only €0.50 (or equivalent price in your local currency). For more information see
– If you wish to continue using the existing Navigation app for Android, please be aware that the app is supported until October 1st 2015, and your services will continue to work until your subscription ends, on devices with the following specs: a) Screen resolution between 800 x 480 pixels and 1920 x 1080 pixels; b) Android version 2.2 till 5.0. You will continue to get map updates until October 1st 2015.

TomTom Navigation for Android. World-class navigation that’s trusted by millions of drivers.

Last minute plans? With the TomTom Navigation app, driving somewhere new couldn’t be easier. You’ve always got your smartphone with you, so navigation’s close at hand. And losing signal is not a problem, because the app works not only online, but offline too. This saves you money on data roaming costs, and, you’ll have constant access to the same maps, technology and world-class navigation as on our satnavs. It’s the app that drivers can rely on.

Only the TomTom Navigation app offers all this:

›› Voice-guided turn-by-turn car navigation. Find your way the easy way with with clear voice instructions and a 2D or 3D view of the route ahead. Including automatic rerouting if you miss your turning.

›› Advanced Lane Guidance. Gives you extra clarity when navigating difficult junctions.

›› TomTom Offline Maps. Maps are stored on your smartphone – so you can plan a new route, get re-routed, or search for points of interest. Without needing a data connection.

›› FREE Lifetime Maps. Télécharger 4 or more full updates every year for the life of your app.

›› IQ Routes. The fastest routes, the most accurate and reliable arrival times at all times of day.

›› Traffic. Drive with world-class traffic information (available via in-app purchase). (1)

›› Spoken Street Names. Helping you to keep your eyes on the road.

›› TomTom Places. Search results designed for drivers.

›› Multitasking support. Clear turn-by-turn guidance while on the phone.

›› Seamless Integration. Integrates easily with your Android smartphone contacts.

– AU.

Tested in a Galaxy S5 with Android 5.0

Enabling warnings in navigation and warn of dangerous points, radars, alcohol control points and more

Tested by me in navigation

1. Télécharger all parts of your area.
2. Unpack anywhere.
3. Copy folder tomtom to your SD card.
4. Copy included .apk to your SD card.
5. Disable any internet connection in your phone (Put it into Airplane Mode)
6. Install the .apk
7. Launch the program. Let it load all it needs. Then close program.
8. Enable internet connection.
9. Enjoy!

Password : download

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Please!!! … Upload TomTom Android 1.4 APK + Argentina 960.7056

Thanks!!!! :D :D

jorgegambini wrote:Please!!! … Upload TomTom Android 1.4 APK + Argentina 960.7056

Thanks!!!! :D :D

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