In today’s WTF news, there is a rumor that iMessage might be coming to Android.

According to a « source familiar with the company’s thinking » at MacDailyNews, Apple will be announcing iMessage for Android at WWDC this year. The source then goes on to say that the timings could change and if not WWDC it is « definitely » coming to Android some time this year.

iMessage has been exclusive to Apple’s devices since launch. It is one of the reasons iPhone owners find it hard to move to Android as they will no longer be able to use iMessage with their friends, and why some people are tempted to get an iPhone, just so they could use iMessage with their friends. The service itself might not be terrific, but it works and has worked well enough for Apple to lock down its existing users and entice new ones.

One could see why bringing Apple Music to Android makes sense for Apple. iTunes was already available on Windows, so it’s not an exclusive service, and opening up Apple Music to Android just rakes in more customers for Apple and gives it a leg up on other competing services. But there is no monetary gain in bringing iMessage to Android. iMessage doesn’t exactly make money for Apple and it only exists as a value added service for Apple’s customers. Not to mention, it would make it quite easy for iPhone users to shift to Android now that they can continue to use iMessage over there, and Android users would have one less reason to consider an iPhone.

For what it’s worth, the rumor might be true. But we just don’t see why Apple would do this as it has nothing to gain and Apple rarely makes any decision that isn’t innately in its or its customers’ favor, and this one is neither.