Learn Chess with Dr. Wolf v1.11 [Subscribed]
Requirements: Android OS 5.0 +
Overview: The ideal coach companion, he plays with you and explains everything, step-by-step. Complete beginners are welcome; good for intermediate players too.


While you play chess, he teaches, pointing out strategic ideas and helping with mistakes. There are also twenty five lessons, going in-depth into each concept with ample opportunities for guided practice. Dr. Wolf himself is friendly, gentle, and occasionally witty.

As you learn new chess skills and use them in your games, Dr. Wolf will introduce new concepts to master. Whenever you use a skill in game, Dr. Wolf acknowledges it and you earn points.

The best way to learn anything is with a coach. Give it a try!


Dr. Wolf will coach you for free for 3 games of chess so that you can appreciate his style of in-game teaching.

Then, to continue learning, you may subscribe to Coaching. With Coaching, Dr. Wolf teaches while you play chess, pointing out good moves and bad — both yours and his — and the reasoning behind them. At times, he’ll gently suggest you reconsider a move, or ask a question at a critical moment. Plus, you get unlimited hints, unlimited undos, and unlimited access to our Lesson Library, with twenty five lessons in Dr. Wolf’s unique style, with new ones added each month.

Whether or not you choose to subscribe, Dr. Wolf will always play chess with you. He’d never say no to a good game of chess.

What’s New:
Three new coaches are joining the Dr. Wolf family — Dr. Regina Wolf, Dr. Isaiah Wolf, and Dr. Vivian Wolf.

Give them a try — tap « Select coach » in the Game menu. Same great coaching, just friendly new faces!

Dr. Wolf has a new lesson ready for beta testers — « The King in the Endgame »! If you’d like to try it and give us feedback, please email us at drwolf@chess.com and we’ll give you the access instructions.

Enjoy your chess! :)

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More Info:

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